Managed Services

Professional managed services by Fat Daddies


Managed dedicated server is the need today for most online marketers. Hosting service providers offer a range of packages. Each of these services has its own benefit, but a managed dedicated server proves its clout with its range of benefits. Here is a brief about the various benefits of it which also proves the efficiency of a managed hosting service.


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Complex Managed Hosting

The other advantage of your own dedicated server is you can install any software you want. On a shared server you are only able to use the pre-installed software and components provided and this can be limiting. If it’s fully managed your hosting provider will install the software for you and they may make a small installation charge. You also get far more web space to use – if the hard drive on the server is 80GB then you can use about 74GB of that for your websites and software. And with a dedicated server you will get far more bandwidth to use than you would on a shared server. In fact, there are a number of hosting providers who now offer 1 terabyte of monthly bandwidth use which is more than enough for most online businesses.

High Availability

For businesses that do not want to spend time and valuable in-house resources on managing a server, managed dedicated hosting is a perfect solution as it frees users from setting up, securing, and administering and maintaining the server. There are different aspects of dedicated managed hosting. For instance, the goal is to free users from securing and administering servers and focus on the look of the site and other important features that makes it a desirable and highly visible website.